Click to open David's LinkedIn ProfileHaving had a full and varied career, culminating in a management position, I offer the exact skills required to be a successful VA. I’m self-disciplined, mega organised, and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

I’ve always been very hands on, even as a Manager I would never have the attitude that I would not muck in, if we needed all hands to the deck, that included my hands too! A colleague of mine once said to me “Joy, you are one of life’s do-ers” I take that as a compliment, as if something needs doing, let’s get it done!

Where it all began

Like most youngsters, I did not have a clue what I wanted to do when I left school, I just knew I wanted to leave school as soon as I possibly could! I managed to secure a place on a Youth Training Scheme as my first job, which was a general administrator in an insurance department. Fortunately for me I had a superb Manager who pushed me and developed my confidence in my ability as a shy 16 year old in her first job. Thanks to her I was not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and attempt things – even if they were an epic fail, you learn and you move on.

My career path has included;

  • working at a local newspaper (my most favourite employed job to date!) which demanded great negotiation skills and working to deadlines.
  • General admin/secretarial roles (which encouraged me to develop myself and secure a job within Marketing).
  • Marketing within the Direct Sales Industry for 8 years (Starting out as Marketing Assistant moving up to Marketing Manager).
  • Team Leader, Learning and Development within the automotive industry.

All these roles have shaped me into what I can offer today; hardworking, honest and trustworthy, a vast array of knowledge across various industries, a huge skill set from basic admin through to staff leadership and anything in between!

Why be a VA?

Being a VA allows me to provide skills and services to my clients in a flexible way that meets their needs, and my own as a parent to two school age children. Being a latecomer to parenthood gave me opportunity to really develop and hone a variety of skills that most employers dream of having in an employee. As I wanted to be an integral part of their raising, working freelance really appealed to me. I continue to utilise the learning from my “corporate career” but I can do it during hours that suit me, and for my clients this works really well too. They understand that I need to do the school run in the morning and the afternoon, but equally, when they are working at silly o’clock in the evening then chances are I am too.

What do I offer?

Choosing to work with a VA can be a time of anxiety as it is often an unknown. Why I believe I am the solution to your workload demands is because I am:

  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Disciplined with my own time management.
  • Confidential with client information.
  • Attention to detail; delivering high quality output.
  • Work quickly; I do not procrastinate and get on with the task in hand.
  • Learn quickly; Many of my clients use their own bespoke systems, to which I familiarise myself with very quickly.
  • Adaptable; I can prioritise to meet your deadlines, as I have the flexibility of hours to suit my clients and myself.

Why people work with me

Because they trust me! Both with sensitive information and also that they know I’ll deliver. If I say I will do something, it will be done.
Ex colleagues have said the following in work references;
“Joy is very efficient, reliable and trustworthy. I was very impressed at how quickly she picked up the role. Joy has an infectious personality and is very easy going so fits into a team easily. Joy approaches every situation with a positive attitude, she is not afraid of new challenges and welcomes changes to the perceived ‘status quo’. Joy is a key contributor within group situations and can articulate clearly her thoughts and ideas. She is willing to listen to other people’s point of view and takes on board suggestions and comments. Joy can be relied upon to inject positive energy into a group. Time spent in Joy’s company is time well spent, both professionally and personally.”

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